Computer Installation and Repair

Computer Installation and Repair

Computer Installation and Repair

Totland Computer Services is a small family business doing computer repairs and installation since 1995. We strive for fast, same day repairs and always do the job right the first time!

We specialize in small businesses knowing how much you depend on your computers to run your business. We partner with you to avoid problems in the future by recommending better, safer ways to use technology to keep your business running smooth.

When it comes to repairing computers, our philosophy is simple.

Buy quality and make it last!

We will always avoid recommending buying a replacement computer. Often, with inexpensive upgrades, you can likely extend the life of your existing computer several more years! Plus, it’s better for the environment to repair what you have instead of putting it into a landfill.

Totland Computer Services offers a wide range of computer repairs in Monmouth County including:

Hardware Repairs

We can perform Computer Repairs including screen replacements on Windows, Apple, Mac, and Linux computers. We perform repairs on all PC desktops, laptops, and even server class machines.

In some cases, we can even provide a loaner while we are performing the repair to get you back up and running sooner.

Software Repairs

Software and OS problems are very common and are often quickly repaired with most modern platforms. We can fix these types of problems with either an on site visit or even a remote session.

We are experts on both desktop and server OS with over 25 years experience. Currently Microsoft and VMware certified, you can feel confident your computer is in the best hands.

Malware Removal

Malware and viruses are everywhere and often you might not even know you are infected. When your computer starts running slow or is not behaving, give us a call to perform a scan just to be safe.

Protect yourself now by having us perform a computer security audit on your computer and redesign the best way to protect yourself from the current threats hackers are using today. We can provide a custom security plan that will raise your protection level and avoid costly identity theft and stolen or ransomed data.

OS Re-Installation

Sometimes the best course of action is to reinstall your Windows or Mac OS and bring your computer back to the speed and performance when it was new.

We can reinstall your PC on your existing hardware or new hardware and extend the life of your computer investment.

Drive Upgrades (HDD to SSD)

Is your computer running slow, upgrading to a new SSD drive may just be the answer to improve your speed up to 20 times faster. We can upgrade your Windows PC or Mac with a new SSD either smaller or larger then your original HDD.

We can even reuse your old hard drive as a valuable backup drive to protect yourself from a drive crash.

Custom Built Computers

Not only do we sell refurbished name brand computers, but we have years of experience building custom computers with the best parts available to date.

If a custom gaming computer, specialized workstation, or white-box server is what you need, we can help.

Performance Improvements

Do you think your computer or network is slower then it should be? We can help.

Computers are often slowed down by bloated software and misconfigurations that can be fixed with some simple hardware upgrades and a OS reinstall. Don’t get a new PC, improve the performance of your existing computer with the knowledge of an experienced IT engineer.

We can design a better WiFi configuration to extend your range and get your throughput up to speed.

iPhone Repairs

Broken screen? We can fix that! We supply quality parts to repair your iPhone. If your iPhone is broken, we have a fix for it.

We also replace iPhone batteries so if you are no longer getting the runtime you need to get through the day, give us a call and we can get it running like new.

Computer Sales

From desktops to laptops, PC and Mac, we build or resell the best, most reliable computers. We provide all major brands of refurbished systems as well as the latest gaming machines.

If you just need advice on what to buy, give us a call for some free advice. I highly recommend the HP Elite series computers for Windows

This is just a limited list of some of the computer repair services we offer. Need something different, give us a call and lets see if we can help you.

Computer Installation and Repair